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Idiopathic Intravertebral Disk calcifications of Childhood

Catarina Perry da Câmara, Mariana Cardoso Diogo, Marcos Veiga, Cristina Rios, Carla Conceição, João L. Reis

Neuroradiology Department – CHLC, EPE

XII Congresso Nacional da SPNR, 11 - 13 novembro 2016, Lisboa

Introdução: Although cervical disk calcifications are frequently described in adults as a result of a degenerative process, they are rarely reported in children. Idiopathic disk calcifications (IDC) of childhood are nonetheless an important cause of neck pain in pediatric patients. IDC has a typically benign course, with complete and spontaneous resolution of symptoms in most cases described. As a “leave-me-alone” lesion, radiological recognition of this entity is crucial to avoid unnecessary medical or surgical interventions. Pathophysiology is poorly understood having a correlation with previous trauma, inadequate inflammatory response and previous infections.
Métodos: CT and MRI were performed in three patients, presenting with painful torticollis.
Resultados: We present three cases of children with idiopathic disk calcifications. CT and MRI images are presented in the acute and subacute/chronic phase, and after resolution of calcifications. Imaging protocols and differential diagnosis are discussed. Some atypical features, such as multiple disk involvement, excentric calcifications and vertebral body alterations are also shown.
Conclusões: Pediatric IDC is a rare, poorly understood, cause of neck pain in children. Imaging is the gold standard of diagnosis. Conservative management is the mainstay of therapy and IDC should be recognized to avoid unnecessary interventions.

Palavras Chave: disk calcifications; children